Privacy policy
Report Engines, a market research and consulting firm is an information providing organization which provides authentic validated market information. The information is furnished to individuals, commercial product and services companies, academic researchers/organizations and government institutions. With objective to avoid data bridging and withhold data security, our clients acknowledge data privacy intentions and refrain from disclosing or sharing purchased information with third party without our consent.
Police parameters
Market information purchased from Healthcare Market will not be shared, resold, rented or disclosed to any other individual or third party organization without written consent from our management officials

With objective to secure the authenticity of provided information, any or none of the parts or sections of the report may be reproduced, reprinted or transmitted by other means or format to any third parties without written consent from our management officials

Duplication of information or data from our website, reports or marketing collaterals by an individual, our customers or by any third market research company whose business resemble our line of business will be taken as a case of plagiarism to concerned regulatory bodies